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The English Version of Dragon Poker is now available as Dragon Ace!

Dragon Poker is one of those titles that actually doesn't look that fun at all until you actually try it out. I was a bit skeptical when I saw this game a few months ago so I skipped out on it until today. For a TCG Poker title, this game has a lot of cool features. You can play with friends and win together in 5v5 real-time coop PvE. Random players can join you inside your dungeons and help you create the perfect hand. I can't believe I missed out on this gem! Read the whole review below.

The multiplayer feature can be bad because some players are a bit slow when playing their hand. Dragon Poker offers a pretty solid unique gameplay mechanics along with an awesome and groovy background music to go along with the game. The menu navigation doesn't feel very Mobage very fast and smooth transitions.

Updated - New Impressions

I have been playing this game for four months now and still enjoying it a lot, it's probably one of the best games that I have ever played on mobile. So what makes Dragon Poker great? For one thing, this game isn't all about boobs and sexy looking cards. The game offers all kinds of cards ranging from handsome male characters, evil penguins, cute female characters, zombies, pirates, and a lot of random stuff. To keep players busy, the game will always has some kind of event going on that doesn't rip people off like other TCG/CCG titles. Like you know how some other TCG you need a shit load of cash to get top? Not in this game.

Since this is an online multiplayer team based game, you can't really pay to win here, even if you have a powerful deck, all it takes is one person to mess up and you're dead during the end game dungeons. Asobism is one of the nicest companies in Japan! Dragon Poker is also non cash user-friendly title because you will get a lot of cash tokens by evolving your characters, progressing through story, random maintenance times, every big update, and more. I really recommend playing this game even if you're not a big fan of poker. Just check out all of the English guides below and join the English chat community. Lastly, even though you may not need it, here is my referral code "g5670be" for free gacha stone!

SEA Version (English)

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App Store: Link

Japanese Version

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Korean Version

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