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I have never seen a very cute monster RPG title until Monmonmon for Kakao. I simply had to download this game immediately and try it out. The game supposedly offers more than 400 unique and cute looking monsters. I just rolled 30$ and got all trash, now I am very sad because I didn't get any cute looking monsters... not even a single 5-6 star in 15 rolls mostly four star junk. You get a couple free premium gacha tickets while working on the story quests, very useful for players who don't want to get owned like me. I am hoping that I get lucky with the future free premium tickets. The gameplay is very simple, you just tap the monster you want to attack. If your skill is ready, you can tap that skill to execute it. Nothing complicated very playable without knowing Korean at all. Going to continue to play, perhaps I can evolve my Unicorn into five or six star later :). The autoplay feature only works on dungeons that you have cleared

Player Tips

I've been playing this game for about three days now. I'm starting to become a Pokemonmonmon master. First things first, save all your purple crystal for rolling on the orange box. This box will grant you higher grade units for your party setup. The max pet level is level 30 and is obtainable in less than a day. Also when you're stuck on a certain bosses, make sure you have one good healer in the party. It's always good to farm lower level dungeons to level up, monsters max out very easily just repeat the older dungeons if you're stuck on some and use the auto play feature! Make sure you switch your character formation often to find out what is the best setup for your team because their skill varies when they are the leader of the pack or supporting. When your leader dies, you will game over T_T! 

Another tip that I suggest doing is to randomly adding a lot of friends in the game when you can because you can get heart points that can be used to get 1-4 star monsters.

Evolving Tips

For monster evolving you will need to get it to level 30 and +5 and feed it another level 30 and +5 monster. Like pet breeding! Getting +5 is very tricky because of the success rate. The probability of success will drop certain percent when you feed it a lower grade. For example, lets take a look at it 4 star monster feeding below. 

Feeding a 4 star to a 4 star is 100%.
Feeding a 3 star to a 4 star is 50%.
Feeding a 2 star to a 4 star is 25%
Feeding a 1 star to a 4 star is 10%

If you think about it, it's actually fairly easy to get higher star cards now combine two 3 star monsters and it becomes a 4 star and so on. The only problem is you will need a lot of gold, which isn't a problem if you play often like me. The only problem I have with breeding or evolving is that you get a random monster!!! I combined a Level 30 Golem +5 and my favorite Level 30 Purple Pony +5 and got a 5 star Hornet. OMFG T_T!! It's my first 5 star, but a Hornet check out the picture below.... My little pony is now gone. FML time to evolve breed and combine more Pokemons.

Every time you fail enchanting your monster it increases the success rate for the next enchant which also stacks. For example, if you fed a 1 star to a 4 star and failed, the next enchant will give 3% more success rate in addition to the default rate. If you end up failing again, it will add 6% more chance of success rate. This helps a lot when enchanting the first few 1-3 levels with trash monsters.

Final Tips Updated Again!

Been playing this game for about a week now, I am still enjoying it! One of the more important tips I should probably give you is that every time you level up a Monster to 30, you will get 10 gems! This is very useful because if you level up 4 monsters to 30 at once, you get 40 gems almost enough to spin the premium box! I am not sure if it works for the same duplicate monster though, but it does work for different grades. For example leveling a 2 star pony and 3 star pony to 30 will give you 20 gems.

Another update from my experience, I have been playing this game for three weeks now and I am still enjoying it! I added some Menu translations below for the new players who are thinking of starting on this game. The international version of the game should be available within a few months. Hopefully, sooner than later. As you can see in the images below, my party setup is pretty OP now. I can clear most of the dungeons easily. I originally wanted a team of fluffy and cute stuff, but this is what it gave me. At least the Maplestory event rewarded me with a super cute healer. PINK BEAN!!

New Updates
-Added Gameplay video of Mon evolving, breeding, and premium gacha.

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