Melty Maiden

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Melty Maiden TCG is one of the more overlooked titles so I thought I should add it to my list and make it a little bit known. I actually tried out this game last night, it seems okay not that great and not that bad. Melty Maiden seems like a very casual TCG with a very simple gameplay. Just pretend you're playing Puzzle & Dragons, subtract the whole puzzle part of the game and add a bunch of Anime girls and you get Melty Maiden. Re-rolling in this game is extremely easy because you only have to play through a very short tutorial that takes five to seven minutes. After that, you can roll the premium gacha! If you're unlucky with your first roll, then you can uninstall the game and install it again to roll again! Rinse and repeat until you have a card of your choice! Easy to play because all you have to do is flick your card at the enemy so they can attack or combine the chicks together for power up moves.

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