Cooking Star

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No idea how I missed Cooking Star, it's developed by the same company that created the popular twitch FPS game called GunZ. I downloaded this game to see if it was in English and to my surprise the game supports a variety of languages. You can choose between English, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese! I thought Cooking Star was just going to be your average shooter/runner type of game until I actually tried it out myself. This game is crazy there are platforms on the map that you can jump up on and jump down from, power ups, and fever time is really trippy. The gameplay was pretty fun and didn't scream uninstall right away. However, some of the enemies in the game doesn't look very original and the sound FX seemed like they were ripped off straight from Windrunner. It's in English so try it out! The official game description is below for those that want to learn more about the game.

Surprise attack from a witch! Monsters that has been captured for cooking has escaped! To serve dishes to customers, you need to capture the monsters that escaped. Kill monsters! Collect stars! Make delicious dish! Attack witch for extra stars and items.

[Game feature]

- Rapid paced side-scroll action shooting!
Cooking star is new type of side-scroll shooter with platform gaming
Beautiful 2D graphic and background, rapid paced game play to take down monsters.
Cunning monsters and traps will make you think fast, act faster!

- Number of characters with unique skills and attack method
Number of different assistance that will help the users with their unique ability help the user during the game
Even assistance is not with the player, they will still able to help the users!
Collect all the assistances, and first one assistance is free!

- Power up items
Each characters with three unique attacks that can be used depending on the situation.
During the game play, there will be power up items that will increase you attack power and give you special attacks
With improved attacks, monsters can be defeated more effectively and easily

- Various quest
There will many different orders that will need different requirements to complete
Make dish, complete order and power up your character

- Play with your friends
Compete with your friends and play with your friends
When your character HP becomes 0, you can continue using your friends character
There is no restriction and free to continue playing using friend character

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link



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