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Furubokko Heroes or Total Beatup Heroes is a new action RPG x Shooter hybrid title by CyberConnect2 and Drecom. The game features all kinds of cool and cute looking characters like Jeanne D'Arc, Cinderella, Kaguya, Fenrir, Juggernaut, Bahamut, etc. Been playing this game for a couple of hours now, it's really fun. You get one free Gacha roll after you have finished tutorial. The gameplay leans towards more to shooters than RPG because of the whole bullet action mechanics. The controls are fairly simple. You summon one unit in your party and they shoot bullets at the enemy, you can swipe them left and right.

Each character or unit will have a special kind of bullet ranging from split shots, grenades, multi shot, burst bullets, piercing rounds, and more. Which means you will need to use certain characters against certain bosses and enemy formation. If they are all clustered together, you would want to pick a character with exploding rounds. Don't worry about it too much during the lower level parts of the game though, just blast through everyone. Fever mode is really awesome! You will see the reason why if you do decide to play the game.

The exploring or dungeon system is exactly like Puzzle & Dragons, it also features monster or character evolution. Can't wait to evolve my characters! I am going to go back to playing this game now.

Redeeming your Pre-Registration Coupon

The Flying Gacha Coupon Code should be in your Twitter Inbox! To redeem it, log in the game and click on the bottom right icon to bring up options menu, then the gift box on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Enter the code in the second box and then go back to the lobby for your mailbox.

Google Play: Link
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Japanese Wiki: Link
Unit List: Link
Guide: Link (Google Translate it.)



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