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The Japanese version of Dungeon Anywhere is now out! What kind of game is this? It's a TCG dungeon crawler with tap action gameplay. While exploring dungeons, you can swipe up, down, left, or right to avoid the traps. If you end up getting hit, you will take damage! Getting hit by a lot of traps one after the other can be bad because a monster might just one shot you! While exploring random monsters will pop up, from there you must tap them to death. Just like old school RPG's you can also bring HP potions and stuff with you in dungeons.

The game looks extremely flashy in terms of skill animations, magic spells, and summoning effects. Players will be able to equip party members with different kinds of weapons without worrying too much about job classes. There are also slots for armor, pendants, belts, and more. Some of the Sound FX sounds a bit familiar like it was from Aion, but I can't remember since it has been 6 or 7 years since I last played that MMORPG.

Unfortunately, there has been no news of any iOS release yet. I actually tried it out on my friends tablet for a short bit, it's very cute. The monsters and character artwork is very clean and lots of chibis everywhere. The menu is very responsive and doesn't feel like a cheap browser game. The tutorial felt very lengthy, I never got to the part where I am supposed to roll a free Gacha. Perhaps there isn't one? My friend stole the tablet back, so I must wait for iOS version. Darn it sauce!

Japanese Version

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Korean Version

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