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Happy Elements K.K just released their cute fantasy strategy RPG Merc Storia detailed menu translations are now available below. It is now available for download at the Google Play Market with the iOS version soon to follow! The game will feature more than 200 playable jobs, cute chibi Anime characters, large scale battles, team combos, short cutscene while using special skills, wave battles, and more. March forward and don't stop! Once the enemies have killed all of your party members, you will game over. Happy Raiding folks! Hopefully my translated images will help you so that you don't accidentally NPC one of your beloved characters. The iOS Version is now available and bumped!

How to Play Combat

Merc Storia offers very simple combat controls, all you have to do is summon units on the field and level them up using SP. You will have to do a little bit of planning and perhaps some micro'ing in later dungeons. For example, if your tank is taking too much damage, you can make him retreat by sliding his icon down. Then if you want him to attack again, you can slide his icon up! Leveling up your units right away may not be the smartest idea during combat. My strategy usually consist of summoning a couple units, then pumping out the SP Meter. The SP Meter located on the far right corner will increase the amount of SP earned in combat. In short, you want to level this up as high as you can then focus on using the remaining SP points on your party members. Keep in mind, if you don't level up your party members they are going to become paper! Make sure you plan your strategy and know when to stop pumping out SP and pumping out character levels.

Monster System and Rune System

When you're in the lobby, you can assign monsters to certain characters! I'm not sure if it increases their passive stats or what not. After equipping a monster to a certain unit, that unit can then summon that monster during battle. A summoned monster will increase your parties stats and give them buffs or deal damage to the enemies! Very useful. The same goes with the Rune system equipped it on characters, I added the translated images for both Monster and Runes below. The seed looking items obtained from dungeons or dailies are for powering up the runes.

AP and BP?

The AP is used for special dungeons, story, and event stuff. While the BP is used for Guild Battles! What is the wood for? The Wood is used for upgrading guild buildings. You should find a random guild to join! My current guild is capped at 20/20 atm and it's a random Japanese guild. We pumped most of our resources on buildings randomly.

Leveling Up and Awakening

You can level up your units when you're in the lobby, by doing so you will increase their overall stats! Gold is used to level up characters so make sure to farm that gold dungeon, see the images below. Umm one important thing is that selling character button is right next to the leveling up character, so see my translated image below. I haven't awakened any of my units yet, as I have just started playing a few days ago. Just writing a short guide to help new players because I am awesome like that. Awakening requires those books in the medal shop. I think it would be better to save up for the unique character stats in the medal shop? Then again I don't know how much stronger a character will be during awakened mode.

Random Stuff

You can get medals from rolling the cash shop or clearing chapter missions up to 45% completion. You can also gear free cash points by clearing each chapter up to 33%. They are one time deals per chapter so make sure you to get em done! I'm not sure what the other rewards are since I am busy farming the gold dungeon for monies!

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