Gang Road Joker

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Gang Road Joker is actually fairly new and is the 2nd installment of a previous Mobage game called Gang Road for the iOS and Android device. It's rare to find a game with cool and good looking males because most of the TCG's today are full of fan service for male players. The game features team based battles, unique avatars that changes depending on which leader card equipped, boss fights, raid bosses, dungeon system, ganging system, gang battles, and more. Applibot also created a similar game to this with a Sci-Fi theme called Chaos Drive, but this version is a lot better in my opinion.

Hmm.. playing this game might be a little bit complicated if you don't understand Japanese. If you don't give up and play it for two to three days, you will understand some of the mechanics of the game. I have been playing this title from time to time and realized that it's very easy to get SR and SSR cards. It's one of those TCG titles that doesn't rip you off and is very enjoyable without spending money. I suggest trying it out when you have free time, unless you're not fond of the whole 2:1 male/female character ratio of the game. Man up and play the Gangster style game! Plus it's not all about the Male characters, it does have some cute looking characters like my fifth screenshot below.

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