Spirit of the Wings

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Joycity released a new Arcade RPG Shooter titled Spirit of the Wings today. The game will feature various monsters and unique boss fights that have crazy attack patterns. Beautiful BGM paired up with voice overs from well-known South Korean voice actors and actresses. Compete against your friends and collaborate with each other against raid bosses. Complete quests, collect cards, and have fun with friends! The Japanese version is now available for download!

If you're too lazy to read my mini preview, then make sure to check out my two first look gameplay videos! I spent the whole night playing this game so I can give you my own description of the game. The games spirit system makes this title a little bit unique compared to your average shoot'em up. You don't upgrade your charac77ters bullets and stuff here! Instead, it uses a TCG system where you can equip up to three spirits at once. A fire, water, and lightning spirit. While you're out shooting stuff on the map, random monsters will drop red, blue, and yellow orbs. Whenever you pick up the orb, your spirit will come out and assists you in battle for a short duration. For example, I have a Water based Cat Girl equipped as spirit. Random FLYING cats would appear and attack the enemies whenever I pick up blue orbs. Very interesting concept! The only problem with this system is that some spirits have very flashy effects like my yellow orb Space Girl spirit. She summons a bunch of yellow drones on the screen and the next thing I know, I am playing a Gundam game. Lasers flying everywhere and stuff!

Your HP bar is shown on the far right hand of the screen, when that bar hits 1 the screen will become a bit dimmer than usual. Your hp will remain at 1 until you defeat a boss. Which means the next bullet that hits you is GG. Sounds easy right? Nope, not really because when that bar is hits rock bottom, random ghosts with unpredictable patterns come charging at you which makes the game a lot more challenging than usual. The UI seems kind of bland, I seriously hope they change it or at least make it much more interesting. Other than that, the game is good! I suggest trying it out and leveling up to at least level 10, then you can decide if this game is worth it or not.

Spirit of the Wings is pretty easy to learn for the most part, the tutorial goes over everything you need to know. A lot of people will randomly add you, accept their friend invitation because you get free cash points! Save all your crystals use and spend them on good spirits in the shop. If you do end up playing this game more seriously and like it, then you better make sure to add higher level friends because when a raid boss pops up you would want players that can help you kill the boss! If you collect 5 tokens from a raid boss you can roll free boss Gacha. I am going to continue playing this game. As a final tip, obtaining higher star cards is not a problem because this game does not require you to level up a character to max level and enchant them, how convenient. All you have to do is collect the same card x amount of times per rarity. For example, if you want to upgrade a 1 star to 2 star, you just collect the same card three times and pay 1,000g. Simple and Easy.

Japanese Version

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App Store: Link

Korean Version

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