Wonder Flick

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The Android version of Wonder Flick has been out for quite some time now and it's nice to see that the iOS version got its own release yesterday. The game itself has some pretty nasty reviews because of the delays and compatibility issues. Putting all those comments and ratings aside, the game is not that bad at all. A much more concerning issue, is that it might be graphically demanding on certain devices. I noticed that they greatly toned down the graphics setting during combat.

Wonder Flick also uses a stamina system, so you can't really the game non-stop! However, the stamina regens fairly fast which should satisfy players that want to play the game often. The gameplay is fairly simple, all you have to do is flick the icons on the bottom of the screen to top, thus given the title of the game. Wonder Flick starts off really slow, but I heard it picks up later on. As for my low level experience, the dungeons can become a little bit repetitive. This game will feature cross-platform gameplay with the upcoming console version.

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