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Gungho's latest puzzle panel game called Summons Board just came out today and I have spent most of the day testing out this new title. It's a simple casual game that's very easy to learn and pick up. The gameplay isn't interesting compared to their previous games, I suppose they already knew that thus why this game lacked a bit of marketing and a last minute early release next to a very bland teaser page.

As a gamer, I often like re-rolling just to see the odds on how rare and hard it is for a starting player to get good stuff. It was fairly easy getting a 4 star unit, but getting a good looking one is a bit harder. For example, I ended up rolling a 4 star Super Rare Turkey/Rooster. After a lot of tries, I ended up sticking with my a good looking Super Rare, which is a Red Dragon! Anyway, the game works well with Bluestacks for those that want to try it on PC.

After giving the game another chance, the game itself isn't that bad. The boss battles are fun because of the big hit boxes! They should make this game a much more fast-paced board game. Would I suggest playing this game? Well... the monsters still look weird and here is the full Gacha list for those interested. As you can see most of the monsters look recycled in colors and what not. Anyway, the game has a lot of social features like Guild system, versus mode, and token system.

The token system is useful for those that want to obtain special looking monsters and want to enjoy the game without buying cash. The versus mode feature will probably be the selling point of this game, but I didn't stick around long enough to try it out. It's probably going to be like a Pokemon battle system on a small 4x4 board. The game has a great concept, but it felt like it was lacking in other fields.

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