Sheep Farm in Sugarland

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Sheep Farm in Sugarland is a very nice game to play for those looking into raising a sheep army in their own farm or an Amusement park. The game offers hundreds of cute looking sheep that you can raise. You can feed them, build houses which increases the amount of sheep you can raise, wash them, etc. Plant farms, customize your island, interact with them, and more! Ahhh kawaii overdose, the noise they make is really cute too. As you can see in my gameplay video, I have been playing this game for quite awhile now!

I normally don't get addicted into these kinds of games, so I did a little research on the game itself. As it turns out, this is developed by the same company that made "I love Coffee" game. I loved the browser version of that game! If this game does become popular, it will most likely have an English version on the way. I know most of my readers aren't into titles like this, but I thought I would be nice to share this one because it's a very cute and adorable looking game plus it's a nice change.

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