Save Me! Witches Forest

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Save Me! Witches Forest by WeMade Entertainment is a cute casual game with a somewhat similar concept to the old school classic game called Breakout. Everything is a lot cuter this time around and you fight creepy looking boss monsters per level. You can pick up extra power up items by breaking the small cubes on the screen. Oh and this game has the notorious Meteor that randomly flies at your character. For some reason developers enjoy adding it because it's in almost every game I play.

My first few games seemed a bit dull boring, so I dropped the title and took a break from the game. It seemed like a very slow-paced game or perhaps I wasn't in the right mood to try something new. After a few hours had passed, I picked up the game again. The first five levels of the game is very easy, but once you get around to the higher stages of the game. It will become much more challenging and enjoyable at the same time. The speed of the ball that you will have to reflect back the boss also gradually increases per stage. If you want to take my beginners challenge, then I suggest that you download the game and try to get stage 10 and up. Why? Because then you will realize if this is the type of game for you.

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