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Dragon Blaze Season 2 Update LIVE!
-Lots of loot in mail for returning players.
-Bigger Party Size @_@/
-Random Stuff

Become a Star! Dragon Blaze is finally out, I have been anticipating the release of this game. Become A Star features an optional Auto Play system as I have mentioned in my previous article, but using this feature will greatly decrease your chances of survival as the AI is not very intelligent. It will also feature raid battles against large scale bosses, real-time chatting, over 200 different kinds of characters and monsters, unique looking art, and more. 

You control one hero, you're able to use their skills located on the bottom right corner of the screen. The upper left shows your party HP and they are probably AI controlled. Rare characters so expect a Gacha shop. Instanced based dungeons, character card based system, multiplayer features, etc.

Played it for a bit before the servers went down, going to continue playing this game seems interesting enough. There are different jobs from the start Knight, Archer, Priest, Magician, and Assassin. Pet and Mercenary system, Avatar for main characters, equipment system for pets and mercs, etc. The game is pretty easy to pick up, just try it out. The gameplay battles is a lot simpler than Monmonmon for Kakao, since you're only controlling one character. Multiple skill trees and job advancement maybe? I'll figure it out when I wake up, added a short gameplay preview for now.

Steparu's Tips! (Menu Translations Added)

I've been busy lately, but to Rank up your units you will need to get "100" master points for that unit and +5 it. Then you combine it with another unit of the same grade. For example, a Rank B Archer +5 with 100 master points + Rank B Eye Monster +5 with 100 Master points will turn into a Rank A Random Monster with Level 0 Mastery and Level 1. Level doesn't matter when combining, all you need to do is get level 100 mastery points. The mastery points is the "Blue Bar" underneath EXP after clearing dungeons. If you combine enough monsters together, you can get SS to SSS! All items equipped on both characters are lost when combined together. Check out the images below to understand what is Mastery Point.

You get "Cash Gems" every time you max a mastery of a unit for the first time. This is very helpful for those that want to play the game efficiently, just keep farming low level dungeons and max the mastery the super slow way, or power level your units in higher level dungeons with good a party + one weak member.

It's easy to figure out what kind of unit a monster is by looking at the icon located underneath their rank. You can also check what items you can equip the monster with, this should give you a general idea on what kind of monster it is. Just make sure you don't combine your healer with a random monster, or else you might lose your Healer. Make sure to have a back up healer around. Also never spend your points on buying equipment during the lower levels, you will easily replace them later on. Save the points on purchasing units so that they can be used as fodder.

Quick Tips

Don't spend money on buying new equips.
Don't spend money on upgrading equips, better to save them for enchanting units to +5 for combining.
Start upgrading equipment at level 25+ that is when the game becomes challenging.
Always equip your monsters with latest weapons and armor, even if it's white. Better than nothing.
Level up units that are not "Mastered" yet to get free cash points!
If you aren't going to combine mastered units, feed it as fodder.
You can earn rank A and S monsters as monster drops later on, so focus on leveling.
If you need to earn gold, you can do so at the endless dungeon located on bottom right of world map.
If you want, you can save your Free Cash gems for awesome outfits in Cash Page.
Make sure you add random friends and accept randoms, can't go wrong just press buttons.
Don't worry about power leveling all your units evenly, you can easily power level at the last stage or hell mode.
You get a free Rank S character at level 30!
Don't ever buy weapon gacha with real money because you can obtain epic gear from raids.
Mastering units become a lot easier around level 30, takes about 4-5 runs.

I just beat the final boss, added the crazy epic gameplay video. You also get 200 cash gem after you beat the game! You will unlock a harder nightmare dungeons, then after that hell mode @_@!! Perhaps a new ending after beating nightmare mode? The last boss fight was crazy watch out for spoilers! 

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