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Captain Heroes is finally out and available for download on both the Android and iOS devices! I have been waiting for this shooter to come out for a long time now so I downloaded the game without a second thought! The game is great as I have hoped for because you can actually free aim and double tap the left or right buttons to barrel roll around the small looking map. The controls are nice, but it's kind of hard to play on an tablet. There are a lot of playable characters and it's not restricted to females only!

One of the starting characters is a very cool Samurai guy and once you finish tutorial, you will get enough gems to roll the premium gacha twice. I ended up getting a cool looking ninja named Sarutobi and some kind of Mahou Shoujo girl. Good arcade game to try out if you're looking for something new. The game also uses CCG or character based upgrading system, I think you will be able to upgrade your characters in higher grades later. Captain Heroes is one of those games that doesn't offer any auto-play feature so you will have to use your skills! It's a shame it's not retina supported, I was hoping for some super HD resolution. Anyhow, check out the official and my gameplay trailer if you're still not convinced to try out the game!

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link



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