Break Burst

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This game is no longer in service.

Break Burst is NamcoBandai's latest game where you become a Mahjong master and literally strip the enemy of their glory. I was actually wondering if I should post this game or not because Mahjong isn't that popular. Not to mention the fact that this game has a bit of mature rating on the Google Play market! A curious adventurer I am, I decided to try it out for a little bit though you won't see any gameplay videos from me.

I was facepalming the whole time during the tutorial, Break Burst is a very awkward and funny looking game. The male announcer makes it much more amusing. Break Burst is pretty much your average Mahjon game with Anime chicks and some RPG elements. Most of the opponents if not all are female characters. Depending on how much damage and how much HP the enemy character has. Their clothes will magically rip off and shred into pieces. Hmm... the description sounds like some kind of pervy Japanese novel. I'm sure this game has a great plot, is it Mahjong crazy time? Can't be anymore lewd than Unleashed.



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