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Sourun is a fairly new casual RPG that just came out a few days ago. I wasn't interested in this title because it looked super simple. I found out that there is an Attack on Titan collaboration event going on, so I gave the title a spin. Sourun offers a lot of playable characters to choose from ranging from cool looking guys, shota boys, mocha loli sisters, etc. I spent about an hour or two play testing this game. I had to complete the first few missions to earn the last gem for my first free gacha roll. I spent it on the Attack on Titan collaboration gacha and received a useless Armin character! Anyway, back to the description of the game. Sourun is very cute and bland. The game offers voices and some kind of story, but it doesn't really offer any gameplay at all due to the auto-battle system. At most the best thing you can do is trigger skills in battle. I didn't really like this title and clicking on the menus felt so dull so I already uninstalled.

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