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Square Enix Japan just released their latest JRPG for the iOS called Seiken Densetsu Rise of Mana. The cute chibi 3d Action RPG is free to download so it's a must try, especially if you're a big Mana series fan like me. Having played a lot of tablet and mobile titles, the gameplay doesn't look that refreshing at all. I am planning on sinking a lot of time in this game, that is if it's worth while. Android users will have to wait a little bit longer as the game is scheduled for an Android release sometime in the summer.

The game itself is decent so far, not that bad not that great either. Seiken Densetsu Rise of Mana is a dungeon crawler and stamina system type of game, so if you're out of stamina you won't be able to join any dungeons. Simple game to try out, you can play it easily without knowing Japanese. While in a dungeon you can switch between the two characters that you picked in the beginning of the game. Depending on the weapon you have equipped, each character will have their own unique skill. The game also offers a pet system, where you can drag a cute looking pet to fight along with you while dungeoning. I was actually hoping that this game would have some Japanese voice overs, but it seems the game doesn't offer any voices at all which was a bit of a let down. Fun game to try out, I think it would have been better if they stuck with the whole 2d concept like the original Mana series. There are way too many 3D Chibi RPG's at the moment. 

Random Tips- More Translations Added

My refer code "wztefe" if anyone wants to use. Not sure if it gives any bonus.
For Pre-Registration codes click on news, scroll down click left button.
Menu translated look below or click here.
If your game has no BGM, tap "Pause icon" ソウンド  then click download BGM button.
If you're stuck in first part, talk to everyone in town and switch characters.
Mailbox and Equipping stuff can be found in your room.
After completing tutorial, there is a menu you can access on the far right hand of screen.
Added 2nd menu translations below or click here.
Starter Dungeons on Bottom right of World Map gives free cash tokens.
If you die in a dungeon, press the left button リタイア (retire) to give up because retry uses a token.

Gameplay Tips

If you're getting owned in a dungeon, try leveling up your sub and main weapons. Your sub and main weapons increase your total damage, HP, and builds resists depending on the weapons you have equipped. Depending on the dungeon and situation having a Rare Sword as a main weapon is better than a Super Rare bow. Try to add higher level friends in a dungeon and the same goes for pets! Try to use a friend or random persons pet depending on dungeon elemental type below. You can also change your main or sub weapon load out right before you enter a dungeon.

Fire is strong against Wind
Wind is strong against Earth
Earth is strong against Water
Water is strong against Fire

You do not need to max level a weapon or monster to evolve it, just collect the materials from dungeons or the bottom right crystal globe dungeon. After evolving the monster or weapon, the levels will reset!

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App Store: Link



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