Ragnarok Road of Heroes

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Neo-Cyon just released their new Ragnarok Online game for the mobile device called Ragnarok Road of Heroes. The game will most likely look very familiar because it's a remake of the original title called Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising which is available in English. Being an old school Ragnarok Online fan, I decided to download this game on my Ipad. I was disappointed that the game isn't retina supported yet and had to play with an ugly resolution. The remake made the game a lot more user friendlier and is much more focused on a new lobby system. For example, you can level up much easier and faster by doing instanced based chapter missions. They revamped changed the UI system which is now fully customizable, PvP, large scale battles, boss and raid system, companion system, and more. It also made the game a lot more casual and user friendly. The stamina system is used to enter special missions, when you're out of stamina you can then exit the lobby and enter the open world. The original Ragnarok Online Valkyrie world is still around, they just added a new lobby system where you can level up and do other things. A nifty feature for players who don't have a lot of time.

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