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The newly released Qurare Magic Library by Palmple is a must download for any TCG or CCG players out there. It's one of the most high quality looking CCG's currently around and you know how crazy I get when it comes down to games similar to this. Qurare Magic Library features over 400 high quality cards, 3D Dungeons, 3D characters, enjoyable music, and more. Since there are a lot of people often PM'ing me about this game, I have written a small guide below. Join the Qurare English Facebook Group!

Limited Print

This is a special Gacha event where you spend cash or limited print tickets obtained from temporary/event dungeons. During limited print all the players in the game "share" the same Gacha pool. The Limited Print has a limited amount of SR+ card and the rotation changes every two-three weeks. There are ten rounds during limited print. You can keep pressing the refresh button, to see how many SR+ cards are left in the pool. When you see there is a decent amount of cards left, then you can press one of the buttons to roll like roll 1, roll 5, and roll 10 using cash crystals or tickets. This will automatically roll the gacha for you in the Limited Print section. Limited Print does not guarantee SR or SR+ it just helps you aim for the SR+ card you want easier. You can not use normal premium tickets in Limited Print. You might be able to use your first Free 18 crystals on during limited print, I haven't tried more Gacha details below.

Gacha and Premium Gacha

You get a lot of tickets for playing the game normally, I have gotten around 30 or more and a ton of coupons. You can get 5-6 stars from normal free premium summon tickets, confirmed by me! The Fever bar is your own fever gauge, when it reaches 100% your next roll will guarantee a SR or SR+ card. Normal Premium tickets increases your fever gauge or cash tickets. Crystals are cash currency and can be bought with real money, the first pull only requires 18 crystals after that it will cost 50 crystals per pull. Keep working on story and daily missions to get 18 crystals. The English Facebook group also posts coupons every now and then that players can redeem for cash crystals. In the 2nd Gacha page there are two kinds of gacha. The first one is just a normal crystal pull where only you can see your pull. The second choice is a "Print Room" pull where your friends can watch and spectate your gacha pull real time. Premium Gacha Tickets can't be used for the 18 crystals first time gacha roll. Premium Gacha Tickets are for single pulls only.

Party Boss

The party boss system is different compared to most games because you need to manually control and attack with your cards. If you're planning on playing a healer during a party boss, make sure you have enough healer cards to keep your party members alive. The level 10-30 bosses are fairly easy to heal, but the later ones are a lot harder. Damage dealers can take skills that do a lot of damage and active skills that stun enemy skill. After defeating a boss you will randomly get a 1-6 star card, haven't seen 6 yet, but obtained a ton load of 5 stars. There is a chance that a mini boss dungeon will pop up after defeating a boss. That dungeon will then have a chance to drop that boss card or a random card 1-6 star card again, if you're lucky it will be a random SR card. This dungeon is a limited dungeon so make sure you clear it fast. If your game crashes during this dungeon, you can resume it by navigating back to story and clicking on the upper right corner of the screen. To summon a party boss you will need to obtain a summon stone from the "E" dungeon. The 30 stamina version usually drops a random guaranteed boss summoning stone. Great way to use your SP if there are no other special events going on. Boss summoning stones are deleted every BOSS Rotation, so burn all your stones!

World Boss And Time

The world boss pops around 10:00 PM KST click here if there is a special event, it will pop up around 1:00PM KST. to find out what time it is in South Korea, the world boss will die very fast so just keep rushing it and deal as much damage as you can. You can only fight a world boss 10 times, then after that it will cost CASH Crystals or Boss Retry Crystals. A great way to check how many Retry Crystals you currently have is by clicking on your inventory and you will see a Red Crystal. If you want to be safe, stop at 10 tries! There are two types of world boss reward. Participating rewards and Ranking rewards. Ranking rewards usually grants the player the boss card itself and a lot of goodies. Participation gets you free gacha tickets as long as you meet a certain damage threshold.

Dealing with Cards, Interpret, Binding Explanation

You get a lot of cards, I often NPC the trash cards that I don't use like the 1-2 star and some 3 stars. Before I sell the cards, I like to use Interpret on my 4-6 star cards that I often use. Interpret is very important because it changes the look of the card and increases the maximum level cap. Other than that NPC away! The recent patch made the binding super cheap, so it's best to bind all the extra cards you have. There is no way to LOCK your cards atm, so please be extremely careful when Interpreting and Binding cards. Binding is like Enchanting, the more times you bind the more stat bonuses it will receive. Binding/Enchanting can be done 5 times with guaranteed success 100% and can only be done with the exact same card.

Leveling Up Cards and Daily Dungeons

There are numerous ways to level up cards mostly from dungeoning and killing level 100 party boss for 600+ exp. The best way is to level up your cards is during the EXP Card day, I have a ton of SP potions saved around 80 from events. Holding out on using them for now unless I need to power level cards or special events. The "D" dungeon is where the EXP and dungeon pops and changes depending on the day, thus daily dungeon. Qurare English FB Group posted the schedule. The daily dungeon usually has a couple difficulty levels, so if your party can't handle Hard, then try to take it down a notch. Gold is not a problem, so I suggest skipping out the gold dungeons.

Monday : random card type | Oriental Fantasy
Tuesday: random card type | Western Fantasy
Wednesday: random card type | Mystery
Thursday: random card type|  Sci-Fi
Friday: EXP Level Bonus
Saturday: EXP Card Bonus
Sunday: Gold Bonus

Where should I use my SP?

I finished my story missions first just to get it out the way and for the freebies. Afterwards I cleared all my Event dungeons and mostly use my SP on the 30 SP Event dungeons which guarantees a random boss summoning stone.

How to get good cards and stuff!

There are a lot of ways to get good cards, if you have played Million Arthur then you should already know the basics. If you haven't then all you have to do is defeat bosses! I started out this game with mostly 2-3 star and upgraded my deck to 4-6 stars now. Very easy to get good cards if you're an active player with a very active friends list that summons boss often.

Book Recovery System

You can use "book recovery" system to obtain 2-6 star cards, haven't seen 5 star yet but I heard it takes 24 hours. You can speed up recovery by using Cash Crystals which is obviously a total waste. Your friends can boost your card recovery via friends list page. Nothing special here, just set a book on recover and press the back button, not the "x" one.

My Recommended Setup for DPS - Fighter Card List

Actives - Fighter Party Boss Setup

Attack Type x2 (Any or One with Cast Time and an Instant Attack)
분노 | Self Buff (Attack Up Combo this with Enemy Debuff)
분쇄 | Enemy Debuff (Defense Down Combo this with Self Buff)

Support Actives - One of the two Depending on the Party Boss
차단 | Stunner (Cancel Enemy Skill - Stun AoE skills)
회피 or 역습 | Evasion or Counter (5 Seconds evade Attack, Long CD)

Passives - Fighter Party Boss Setup

격노 | Attack Up Self (Stack this increases your Attack 15%-30%.)
격분 | Attack Up Party (Stack this Party Passive that increase party Attack %.)
The latest patch might have change so try asking in the Facebook group for new builds!

My recommended Setup for Tanking - Tanker Card List

Actives - Tanker Party Boss Setup

차단 | Stunner (Cancel Enemy Skill) (Optional
방어 or 철벽 Protect (One or two Self Buff Defense Up)
Must equip both Evasion and Counter
회피 | Evasion (5 Seconds evade Attack, Long CD)
역습 | Counter (3 Seconds to Counter Enemy, Long CD)

도발 | Provoke (Depends on the boss)
돌진 | Rush | (One if you want to do some damage, opt out for pure tank)

Passives - Tanker Party Boss Setup

근성 | One or two cards that increase self HP.
인내 | One or two cards that decreases damage taken.
간파 | Small chance to negate damage optional.
응원 | One if needed Increase party HP.
The latest patch might have change so try asking in the Facebook group for new builds!

These are just basic party setups, you can hybrid mix cards from other types. For example, most players often insert an Attack Type stunner in their deck to stun the enemy boss. Also note that some skills share cooldown with each other if they are of the same type of skill. Healer guide coming soon maybe, I haven't played Healer much. You can even make a Paladin type set by mixing Healer and Tanker Active/Passives. It's whatever fits your style this is what makes Qurare unique compared to other CCG's. Make your own build and experiment :)! Some of your card builds will have to adapt to the party bosses because they change every week or two. For example, some bosses will have skills that can't be stunned and players must use counter or evade skill on their Healer, Attacker, or Tanker types of deck. If you ever need help or having a hard time with a boss, make sure to ask the active players of the English Qurare Facebook Group.

Random Tips

0. QURARE-E45DB2 blue iOS theme event page. Free 1x Premium Roll
1."Binding" option is two cards of same type, it increase the max level and stats.
2. Books can be recovered for cards. Longer recover time the Rarer.
3. There are two types of cards Passive and Active.
4. Spam skills when you're in combat~! Time your stun.
5. Bottom left button when making deck creates auto party setup.
6. Don't repeat same dungeon for EXP, do next dungeon.
7. Can't progress story? That means you need to lvl up!
8. Logout? Menu > Help > Upper Left Button > Settings
9. Raid boss battles are real-time with other players.
10. Add a lot of "active" friends so they can join raid battles.
11. You can get 4-5+ Star cards from raid boss battles.
12. Special time limited dungeons appear killing raid boss.
13. Max amount of player in raid boss is four. Tanker, Healer, Damage Dealer x2
14. World Boss pops during night time in South Korea.
15. Deal enough World Boss damage and you get Premium Tickets.
16. Check your friend list often and boost players for friend points.
17. Summon Boss Crystals can be found in the "E" dungeon 30 stamina.
18. While exploring taking the A route for 5 more SP is worth.
19. While dungeoning, you can tap and hold the upper right arrow for auto-play.

Game Download

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link

Useful Links

Translated Cards: Link (Thanks Xaris and Totori)
Game Site: Link
Game Data Base: http://qurare.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/card/ (Google Translate Cards and Skills)
English Qurare Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/qurare/



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