Magia Break

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Magia Break is a tap battle 2d RPG that is very similar to Brave Frontier, it features all kinds of cute looking demons and devil like Anime characters. If I am not mistaken, all of the characters in this game are female. Magia Break also has a lot of variety and features such as Manual Blocking System, Vault Combo System, Voice Overs, Magia Break Limit Bar, 200 different kinds of scenarios, etc.

I tried the game out for a bit since I managed to get a FREE SR card from the Flying Gacha event. The game has a built in auto play feature for the lazy players, but it doesn't auto block the enemy attacks for you. I've noticed that you can manually block enemy attacks by tapping your characters icon right before they get hit, a very useful feature! Just a small tip, the icon of the character being attack with flash white, so once you see that effect tap that character immediately and you will block the attack. However, perfect blocks will require a much more precise timing.

For those that participated in the Magia Break Pre-Registration you should be able to find your SR limited card in your Twitter Inbox. To redeem the code, go to options menu, then select one second box the last column. You won't have enough cost to equip it right away, unless you want to roll with two units per map like I did. I suggest equipping it right away, so that you don't accidentally feed it or sell it.

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