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Have you ever wanted to take your Phantasy Star Online experience on to the mobile devices and play on the go? Now you can with Phantasy Star Online 2 es for Android and iOS! The stylish RPG has been simplified for the smartphone where you join missions and defeat all kinds of bosses! Customize your own unique character and collect over 2,000 different kinds of rare equipment in your adventures. The PSO2 es version features a very simple flick style gameplay, new story, and more. It seems that this version focuses more on solo play system, while the PC version focuses on a party based mechanics.

Finished testing out the game and made two videos, check em out when you can. The customization isn't as in-depth as the PC version, but it's good enough. You can change your class any time you want, but you won't be able to change your character look and race later so make sure to make your character awesome. After starting the game, you will be given an option to link your SEGA PSO2 ID Japan account by selecting the right option, ship #, and logging in. The left option is to play without logging in your SEGA Japan ID. Other than that, the game is very simple and easy to play. You get one Free gacha roll after completing tutorial, I somehow managed to get an SSR Fire buffer card.

Phantasy Star Online 2 es is more of a lobby based dungeon type of game where you randomly add helper friends and solo dungeons. Tap through a few menus and enter a dungeon nice and casual. The battle system is where the interactive part of the game comes into play. Once you encounter an enemy, you can tap that enemy to attack it, tap skills, and swipe your fingers left and right to dodge enemy attacks. Just like the original Phantasy Star Online 2, you can time your attacks for bonus damage! This game uses a CCG type of system so you can boost the level of your weapons or skills feeding it other items. Not exactly sure what bonuses this game gives when linking a SEGA ID account. Anyhow, hope you enjoy and it's 100% compatible with Bluestacks and playable on PC as you can see from my two recorded gameplay videos.

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