Golf Eagle

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The super cute Anime golf game called Golf Eagle for tablets and smartphone is now available! Featuring all kinds of costumes such as maid outfits, gothic dress, swimsuits, cheerleader, butler suit, demon uniform, succubus suit, angel outfit, and more. With over 600 different kinds of clothing the amount of clothing combination is endless. Golf Eagle contains a wide variety playable maps with unique themes such as spring, winter snow, autumn, and more.

I tested this game out for a little bit, it's pretty fun, but not as great as Pangya. Then again, that game is only available on PC and Vita which makes Golf Eagle great because you can enjoy it on your phone or tablet. Outfits are obtained from playing normal matches, premium gacha system, and normal gacha. One of the down side to this game is that it only has two playable characters.

The game uses a Stamina system when joining maps. The tutorial walks you through the basics of the game. Very simple controls and you can probably play the game without knowing Japanese. Most people will probably turn this game down because it's a golf game, but I suggest giving it a try, especially if you Pre-Registered. If you're confused on where to use your code, click on the menu and scroll down to コード button. You can't miss it.

Google Play: Coming Soon
App Store: Link



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