Sword of Knights

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Aiming just released a new unique RPG title today called Sword of Knights. I just finished the tutorial so I can write a mini first impressions of the game. Just like every other phone game out there, it will also make use of the stamina system. The game is fully retina supported which was a nice feature.

The adventure or should I say the exploring part of this game is a bit special because it resembles those old school board games that you would normally play or played when there is no internet around. Instead of rolling a dice to move around the board, you're given an option to pick one of the three, move "x" amount of steps. If you ended up landing on a monster, then you will have to kill it with your party RPG style.

The gameplay is very simple that it offers an auto-play feature. I suppose it will become a lot harder later on because I almost got owned by the first boss with auto-play on. When in battle, you can manually control your units and select which targets you want to attack. There are also different kinds of stances in the game so setting your unit on defensive formation is good, especially if your unit is low on HP or the boss will perform a super special crazy attack.

That's pretty much covers the basics of the game, but wait, there is more! The boss rush system will be a lot of fun because in this mode, you only get to play your leader card or unit. This mode features real-time coop battle with other players against AI CPU. You're going to be playing with other players in a small five man party. Each player will control one card at a time and must defeat the boss together. Players can use and combine their active skills together to perform special limit break skills.There are also pre-made chat icons and emoticons to make the communication a bit easier between the party members. However, don't let this stop you from trying out the game. Mobile games are made to be simple and enjoyable. Oh and before you re-roll like crazy, 4 star is the max card you can get in Gacha!

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