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Super Kawaii Online Chibi Action RPG is now available for both Android and the iOS. Due to the cuteness overload, I had to download this game right away. For some reason the game felt like it was hovering around 10~20 FPS on my iPad4. One of the cool features of this cute chibi MORPG is that it supports both landscape and portrait view. The gameplay varies depending on the orientation. The landscape supports the usual action RPG gameplay with a touchscreen gamepad on the sides. The portrait mode is more of a casual point and click style gameplay. You can target monsters and navigate through areas with a simple tap on the screen when playing on portrait mode.

Klee has a lot of cute emotes that you can spam in town! A guild and friend system where you can drag players with you to the instanced based dungeons. Klee is a lobby based game, so you gather members in town and enter stages or missions. I've also noticed random players joining during my mission, so there is an invade system of some sort where other players can randomly help you on missions.

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