Lich Defense 2

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The iOS version of Lich Defense II just came out today. The iOS version is available in Korean language only or perhaps there is an English version floating around. The Android version of Lich Defense 2 is in English so that should be a big plus for those looking to try out the game in English. I'm not one to play defense titles, but I did enjoy playing that one super cute game called Defense Witches. I am guessing that this game is a much more serious version of it. Official English game description below!

Game Features

A sequel of the legendary Tower Defense game with a million downloads!
Enjoy large-scale spectacular battles!

☆ Grow your character like you would in RPG games.
Use thousands of items!

☆ Spectacular Magic Skills!
- Three different skill properties: Arcane, Elemental, and Darkness

☆ Engaging Background Story!
- The story unfolds through the characters' journals and conversation, and cutscenes.

☆ Tower Research!
- 24 different types of tower are available.

☆ Various Enemies with Special Abilities
- Different battle strategies are required to fight different enemies.

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link


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