Sky Chaser

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Sky Chaser or Red Muffler is a 3D vertical action shooter featuring old school fighter airplanes from the World War days. I can't seem to help myself and think of Red Baron when looking at the planes. Red Muffler features fast-paced gameplay with rich colorful graphics, simple controls, Kakao friends system, numerous planes that can be upgraded, pet system, missions, various stages, boss battles, etc.

The game looked interesting enough to try out, so I downloaded it! Depending on your internet connection speed, you might get stuck on the main screen while the game downloads data. Just wait patiently for it. It's a shame that all the other characters requires cash, you can slowly earn cash by completing daily quests. The controls are simple as stated all you have to do is dodge left and right. Double tapping the same direction will make your plane do a cool barrel roll. I'd recommend this game for players who enjoy shooters.

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link


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