Soul Guardians Age of Midgard

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The English version of Soul Slash Saga is now available as Soul Guardians Age of Midgard. Have you ever wanted to play GranAge on the go or simply wanted to play a fast-paced sidescrolling Action MORPG on your phone or tablet? You're in luck as Soul Guardians is the right game for you! I actually enjoyed the GranAge PC version of this game a long time ago. Perhaps the mobile version is equally enjoyable. I'd love to try it out, but I don't have an Android device and this game doesn't look Bluestacks friendly. I am guessing that the App Store or iOS version of the game won't come out anytime soon because the iOS Korean version has yet to be released. Anyhow, enjoy and make sure to check out my guides or tutorial section if you're having trouble installing the game.

Official Game Description

The Definitive Action RPG Experience

Journey into Midgard, where a demon army wreaks havoc! You and other Soul Guardians must band together to protect the world again! Use mystic Soul Arts Cards to banish the demons and monsters back into the abyss! Soul Guardians is a fast-paced, intense action RPG unlike any other, where you complete quests through single player or co-op PVE and engage in PVP duels with friends! Evolve and fuse your Soul Arts Cards to create massive combination skill attacks! Intense skirmishes against massive armies and bosses await you in one of the most anticipated MMO-ARPGs of 2014!

DISCOVER the fantastical world of Midgard as a Soul Guardian of your choice
CHOOSE among an array of unique Soul Guardian each with their own set of attacks!
COLLECT, FUSE, and EVOLVE your Soul Arts to unleash powerful skills on your enemies!
COMPETE in PVE against other players to become player in the Soul Guardian's leaderboard.
MASSIVE and impressive bosses to conquer!

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link


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