Million Lore

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The global version of Million Lore is now available for download! This game is available in English, Korean, and Chinese. This version of Million Arthur offers some of the basic mechanics of Million Arthur 1.0 along with new features that introduces the Three Kingdoms War System. A must try for any Million Arthur fan, lots of promotions going on.

I haven't got around to playing the game extensively yet, but if anyone gets stuck on the naming part of Bluestacks. You can just type your name on anywhere on text pad, highlight it, copy it, and then press ctrl+v in the game. If for some reason the game is not available in your country or not compatible with your phone, then make sure you check out my Tutorial Page. Anyhow, good luck and happy gacha rolling! Make sure you join the English Facebook group below if you have any questions about the game.

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link or Link
English Facebook Group: Link


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