One Piece Treasure Cruise

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The English Version is now out! One Piece Treasure Cruise is finally available for download on both the Android and iOS devices. The Treasure Cruise version is a tap battle version of the game and plays very similar to Magia Break or Brave Frontier. Tap Battle RPG's is becoming extremely popular lately, so BandaiNamco Games decided to jump in on the fun and develop a One Piece version of it. Being a semi One Piece fan, it looks like the game kicks off right at the beginning, young version Luffie. Official game description below.

Find your crew mates and set off on an adventure!
Easy tap controls to make super combos!
Create your own pirate band in the world of ONE PIECE!

-New Intuitive Action of Tap to Connect Combos!-

"ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE" comes with a easy tapping controls that lets you enjoy the thrilling battle from the original story! Tap your characters at the right timing to deal combos! Even more, each character comes with character specific special abilities to make the battle even more exciting! Your favorite characters pirates around within your palm of your hand!

-Following the Original Story! Recreate your Favorite Scene! -

Story starts from the Foosha Village where young boy Luffy meets Red Haired Shanks.

Each epic moment of the original story can be followed through by completing "Quests" to bring you back the exciting adventures!

-Collect Your Crews to Make Your Own Pirates!-

Not only you get to collect major starring characters, you can also recruit your favorite supporting characters too! Find the WANTED list from the bar and go recruit them pirates! Build up your crew mates, and set sail with your mightiest pirates!

-"Skill Chain" for Mega Damage!-
Chain attacks with certain characters in specific order to perform Skill Chain!
Skill Chain will deal mega damage bonus!

English Version

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link

Japanese Version

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link


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