Dragon Collection RPG

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Konami's Dragon Collection RPG is one of those titles that doesn't look that interesting until you actually try it out. I actually thought that this was just going to be another vanilla RPG that clones Puzzle and Dragons mechanics. It's pretty much a cute chibi RPG with a mini dungeon exploration system, Pokemons, etc. The game is decent enough that I have tried re-rolling a handful of times. One of the unique features of this game is that you will manually explore dungeons with your main character. You can run away from monsters or directly approach them, pick up items, power ups, and encounter a boss at the end of the dungeon. This was a bit refreshing compared to the other TCG RPG's with an auto exploration system. 

The game works very well with Bluestacks and plays very smoothly. The screenshots didn't look that great, but once I jumped in on the game myself, I noticed that it had a very crisp and rich quality feel to it. The tutorial is a bit lengthy, but still fun to repeat a couple of times, especially if you want to try aiming for SR or SSR starters. I just hope that the game has very awesome monsters to keep up with the competition.

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