Soul Bane

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The iOS version of Ambitions new Demons and Exorcism Soulbane JRPG just came out today. A lot of my readers actually Pre-Registered for this game, but totally forgot about it because of the crazy delays. Players will be able to choose between a male or female protagonist and the story changes depending on the gender they end up choosing.

I'm actually play testing this game now as I am writing the article. The music and UI gives off a Persona 4'ish vibe. I actually thought this was going to be one of those slot machine type gameplay, but after testing it out myself, I found out that it's more of a timing tap battle based RPG. Anyway, it's extremely easy to re-roll at the moment because you can skip the whole tutorial process "4GM1XrUCk6fsrm2y" (Expires June 4th, 2014) for free stones. If you don't get anything good uninstall and enter the code again, make sure you copy and paste it to save time. Just be patient with downloading the game each time you reroll. Enjoy!

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link


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