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Kaburin is an arcade based casual action game with cute minions and characters. I didn't think this game would be fun at all until I tried it out. The gameplay is simple, you can tap to send a minion out one at a time or tap plus hold to slingshot a bunch of minions at the same time. The game provides players with a very useful block button that will become useful in the later stages of the game.

After completing the lengthy download, you can roll the gacha a couple of times. I noticed that the gacha drops both Main character cards and minion cards. Main character cards are interchangeable and they lead your small minion army. You can select up to four minion army at once and they auto replenish during battle. The menu looks a bit confusing at first, but you will get around to it given you don't give up right away. Gameplay? Spam and send your minions rushing at the enemy when the boss isn't blocking and manual defend against the enemy attacks. Simple and Easy!

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