Luminous Hearts

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I have been playing this game for the past hour just to experience the mini puzzle RPG gameplay it offers. Luminous Hearts is a simple puzzle game without anything special to offer other than high quality looking cards. It's pretty much like Puzzle & Dragons except the "play board" is smaller this time around and the orbs are in shape of character cards. Every time you match characters together that character will perform an attack or skill with cool mini cut-in scenes.

I couldn't get into this game as much as I would like, I would rather play one of the newly released games this week. The game does offer a lot of cute Anime characters and cards or players that like collecting those. You will also be given a choice on which starting assistant you want at the beginning of the game. The graphics is nice and responsive menus is always a big plus, it doesn't give off a browser feeling much. It would have been nice if the game offers voice overs! There is a noticeable white line on top of the game, perhaps it's a Nexus 7 device problem. Not sure if you can reroll in this game, but they do end up giving you a starting SR character after the first chapter. You will also get a free Gacha ticket after completing the first few missions. Not really a recommendable title in my opinion, but if you're looking for a new Anime'ish Puzzle RPG then you should download Luminous Hearts. The iOS version just came out today~!

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