Legendary Shock Troopers

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TOAST just released their new Arcade RPG called Legendary Shock Troopers for Kakao. The game offers 300 different kinds of heroes and monsters to collect, a unique job change system, multiplayer raid real-time battle raid boss system, PvP, endless mode, and more. I've been grinding this game for a couple of hours now and I must say the gameplay is a bit similar to one of my favorite games in the past called Monmonmon for Kakao. If I had to pick one feature that I really like about this game then it would have to be the real-time raid system with others players. It's like a whole bunch of chibis zerg rushing a Dragon and other stuff! Check out my gameplay trailer of the game if you're having 2nd thoughts.

After spending more time with this game, I noticed that you don't really get any good freebie characters at the start and the rewards seems a bit stingy. I entered PvP to try it out and got steamed rolled by a 5-6 star party that was a bit depressing. I would dunk some cash in this game, but I would rather play it a bit more and see if it's fun enough to keep playing. Just going to keep farming slow and prevail with my 2-3 star team. The game itself is pretty much like Monmonmon, Dragon Blaze, Seven Knights, etc. I'm a bit busy with Seven Knights, so I'll probably play this game on the side. Characters look cute and the job change system is a bit refreshing, but it doesn't seem like a game that I would stick to in the long run.

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