Stardust War Crash Parade

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Are you looking for a cute game similar to Merc Storia or Great War Nyanko?! Then, you must download and try out the newly released Stardust War Crash Parade by Applibot. Oddly enough, this game doesn't give any freebie starting gacha after completing the tutorial. Is it bugged?! What kind of game is Crash Parade? It's an offensive tower defense game where you must summon a large army to destroy the enemy base! Summon all kinds of cute minions and conquer the enemy army. The game features an Arena system, friend system, quests, cute monsters, and more.

I'm really liking the BGM and the cutesy graphics it has to offer. The only problem with games similar to this genre is that you will need a lot of patience. I'd probably rate this game higher if they weren't so stingy, no Free starter Gacha roll? Blasphemy! I even tried clearing the first five stages to see if it rewarded stones for completing the areas. Perhaps you guys might like it more than me happy rating! I'll be playing til I get to at least roll once and perhaps put it off to the side.

Google Play: Coming Soon
App Store: Link


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