Ring Dream

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There are times when I have trouble explaining or writing a description on certain titles similar to Ring Dream. In situations like this, I usually end up just downloading the game. Ring Dream is a CCG based game where you manage and train a bunch of girls. These girls come in all shapes and sizes ranging from plus size, muscle chicks, twigs, idols, etc.

The menu seems very responsive for a CCG which is always a big plus for others. After successfully completing the tutorial, you're given a 5 gacha tickets and the blond girl below for a limited time only. Seems like some of the higher rarity cards have voices. Anyway, cutting straight to the point. This is pretty much seemed like an average CCG with wrestling mechanics like tag team battles, arena, 1v1, raid bosses, etc. The most amusing part of this game was when you have the enemy girl pinned down and you must tap the screen vigorously. The game is pretty mild though, none of that serious stuff you will find on Break Burst. I've only played through the tutorial and first stage, who knows what will happen later on. Behave and Enjoy!

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