Grimoire Magical School Academy

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Grimoire is a fully voiced real-time Magical School Academy game featuring cute Anime characters and popular voice actresses from Japan. Players who start their school life adventures today will receive a limited time SR Minazuki Fuuko card present after five days of login! I spent about five minutes pressing the skip button just to see some gameplay. Like every other CCG or TCG title, this one seems to use an AP and BP system. You also get to pick which main character you want to start off with which I assume will easily be replaced upon obtaining a better character card in the future.

The exploring system is little bit cute because you can see your main character cast magic spells at random mobs. The graphics doesn't seem that bad it doesn't feel like a browser or mobage low quality game with a retina iPad display. However, the menus are very simple and lack luster. If you've read my other TCG/CCG reviews then you're aware that I can't really get into school life Anime stuff unless it's really good. Lastly, after looking at the shop it looks like this game has very bad Gacha rates. 97.7% for R, 2% for SR, and .3% for SSR. Have fun rerolling, lol.

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