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Final Sky previously known as Cross Summoner is classic Action JRPG featuring a rich dramatic storyline, powerful tap combo system, deathblows with perfectly timed taps, flashy skills, popular voice overs, unique characters, and more. Players can take advantage of a characters' unique skills and weapons ranging from close range combat, magic, healing, etc. Continuous chain combos and Air Juggles is the way to go. Compete for the highest chain against other friends! Updated - English Version is now available.

Official Game Description Below

Next-generation mobile gaming awaits within - Final Sky. As echoes of a horrific past begin to ripple through the world once again, this new Anime RPG seeks a hero to become its final saviour. Over a 100 Characters are waiting to be discovered on the ultimate journey through magical realms. Explore and unlock each of these characters intricate back stories as you battle your way through the world of Final Sky.

Final Sky is a breathtaking Anime RPG with an amazing narrative and characters. Delve into the fantastic world of Final Sky and rescue the world with your team.

Perfect your battle strategy as you command up to 5 characters at once in exciting real time battles. Create massive combos to weaken your foes, then unleash your devastating ace attack to silence them once and for all.

Refine your battle party by choosing between unique character classes. Summon Brawlers, Rangers and Mages to fight by your side.

Exciting visuals and animations

Each unique character ability has its own graphical effect and animation while all of your allies possess individual attributes and ultimate skill effects! What's more, every newly unlocked character provides their own piece of epic story line!

Delve into the fantastic world of Final Sky, the new Anime RPG! Take your smart phone and embark on a journey to save the world! Ally yourself with friends and devastate your foes with a turn of your hand. Final Sky - the new Anime RPG awaits. To battle!

English Version

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App Store: Link

Japanese Version

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