Demigod War

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Here is Palmple's latest turn-based CCG RPG Demigod War for Android devices. Collect and recruit mythological gods to fight alongside with you! The game features over 950 units, various stages, unique high-quality art, item system, and more! Updated - English Version is now available.

Been playing or auto'ing this game for a for about an hour now and have to say the game is just average so far, perhaps it will pick up later on. You get four free Gacha rolls upon completing tutorial and a lot more after playing through the story and stuff. The one thing I really like about this game is the nice looking art it offers even the trashy 1 star cards look nice. The game has a lot of potential as long as it is updated often. Lastly, I think you get a free 4-5 star summon on 30 days login, so even if you're not going to play often just make sure to login daily for bonus!

English Version
Google Play: Link

Korean Version
Google Play: Link


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