The Irregular at Magic High School Lost Zero

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Square Enix just released The Irregular at Magic High School Lost Zero RPG for both the Android and iOS devices today. Lost Zero is one of the most anticipated Anime based mobile title that a lot of players are looking forward to trying out. The game features easy tap and flick battle controls, CCG character system, voice overs, story mode, scenarios, Kawaii chibi characters, OP Tatsuya, and more! I wonder if you can use love points with male characters previewed in the 4th image!? Have fun~ Make sure you check out the tutorials/guide section if you're having problems downloading the game.

Random Stuff
-After game loads select top right option. Bottom left if you have data saved.
-Leave box empty or enter referral code from comments below.
-Like your 2 free gacha rolls? Link your account to Twitter or Google play to save it. (Explore Menus)
-Don't like it? Clear Data/Cache and re-install game to reroll. (Android Only)
-You can change name at any point don't worry about messing up.
-BP problems can be temporarily fixed by switching time to Japan.

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link


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