Fairy Tail Brave Saga

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Fairy Tail Brave Saga Puzzle RPG just came out today featuring the same voices from the beloved Anime series. I'm usually terrible at puzzle games, but this game is extremely easy to play! The best part is when fever mode strikes and there is no pressure involve just tap like crazy. Fairy Tail Brave Saga doesn't seem to run full screen properly on some devices adding a noticeable black border to the side. Other than that, the game is quite enjoyable so far.

Tutorial is somewhat lengthy, but it helps a lot for those who can't understand Japanese. Despite the bad gacha rates of 1% you will get two free gacha rolls after successfully completing the tutorial. I managed to get one 4 star and 3 star XD. Also keep in mind that some characters can be upgraded all the way up to 6 star! Anyway, Have fun and don't forget to spam the shake button!

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link
Game Site: Link


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