Bug Princess Duel

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Toast just released a global multi language version of Bug Princess Duel and it's in English! Hooray!? I tested the game for a bit and it was okay. Gacha stuff for new mounts, characters, and buddies. I really didn't like how you're forced to link a social media account to access the friends list. Anyway, try the game out if you're looking for some old school Mushihimesama action. I'd rather play Spirit of the Wings though! Official game description below!

▶ Fly into bullet hell, Bug Princess Duel! ◀

- Return of original top-down bullet hell shooter game has returned.
Play along side world's best players! Can you avoid them all?!
Reco & Palm along with new friends begin a grand new adventure.


■ Real-time 2 Player Multiplay
- Just like when you played next to your friend in an arcade

■ New epic storyline with all new characters
- Many brand new characters are introduced and new storyline unfolds

■ Special match, World Championship!
- Show the world that you are the best player!

■ Direct Port of the Original
- Direct port of renowned shooting game developer, CAVE.
- Original for newbies and Maniac mode for veterans.

■ Enhanced Social Gameplay
- You can send your friends special Gem gifts everyday.
- Make friends and compete for a prize.
- Worldwide ranking system.

Google Play: Link
App Store: Coming Soon


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