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Phantom of the Kill is one of the most anticipated tactics mobile RPG for the Android and iOS featuring a group of female Assassins. The RPG resembles a bit of Fire Emblem with a lot of cute, cool, and awesome looking characters. Upon downloading the game you'll be given a chance to play a mini game, by doing so you can earn a maximum amount of six extra gems!.

Clearing a stage also rewards players with one gem which is a big plus compared to all the money hungry games. The gacha drops both weapons and characters though I've been getting mostly characters. It seems like you can evolve your characters to five star, which is nice for those that aren't very lucky with gacha. I'm not sure about the weapons though! Anyhow, try the beta or wait for the official release. Make sure you complete both the Pre-Registration form and mini games below for all of the freebies.

Game Guide and Tips

1. Hard game at first, but it will get easier.
2. Combine 2 at a time 2 star + 2 star = 3 star
3. Autoplay is now available!
4. You have to skill up weapons to use higher grade weapons.
5. Roll friend gacha for random 4 star weapons.
6. Some 3 stars can evolve to 5 star.
7. Don't sell 3 stars for "medals" feeding also works.
8. Power up your unit by feeding trashy characters to it.
9. Farm gold dungeon (weekend) for money 10-80k per run.
10. Have active friends, get carried for free in dungeons.
11. Leader type increases party bonus. Axe leader = Axe Units Up
12. Level up a 3 star healer or spam potions.
13. Clear dungeon without deaths = Free Gem
14. Can't enter daily? Try changing time location to Tokyo!

Extra Stat Bonuses

王姫型 - Balanced Stats - All rounder
命姫型 - Bonus HP - Low Other Stats
攻姫型 - Bonus Attack - Good for Damage Dealers
魔姫型 - Bonus Magic Attack - Magic 
守姫型 - Bonus Defense - Good for Tankers
匠姫型 - Bonus Dex - Hit Stuff

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