Kairisei Million Arthur

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The long awaited Anime 3D RPG Kairisei Million Arthur is now available for both the Android and iOS devices. The game is fully voiced featuring high quality Anime graphics animation, card system, real-time multiplayer system with up to 4 players at once, voiced story, high quality cards, and more. Very busy playing this game so I will go do that and perhaps write more about the game soon with tips! Must play game for any MA fan! Just a quick tip players can do a limited time special roll. 10x PREMIUM GACHA for 10 gems so make sure you do this before restarting accounts.

First Impressions - Pay to Win or Play to Win?

Been playing this game for about a week now and it's great. The gacha rates are terrible, but the game no longer requires players to spam potions to invade friends and other players. This means players can play any time they want. Unfortunately, with so many players trying to invade each other it's hard to find a game until the developers fix it.

The game also provides numerous events where players can collect various Ultra Rare and Million Rare cards for FREE. The system is a little bit different compared to the original MA, because the card received from bosses is fixed compared to the original MA. The original version was fixed and had a chance for a random SR card. It's mainly different for this game because of the fame system.

If you're considering on playing this game seriously, you will most likely need to reroll for at least one 5 star card or two if you like. If you're a hardcore player, then you can try for two 5 stars from the same Arthur type! I always try to play games as FREE as I can. I've been playing this game for a less than week without spending money and I was able to achieve SS rank easily. I was able to reach 90 fame by invading over 100+ dungeons of the same boss. You can actually play up to level 50+ non-stop in one sitting or even higher. In short, the game is great for now because you can invade players for free without spending any cash and stuff. Lastly, the co-op features is great, when it actually works. lol

How to Reroll - 10+1 Premium FREE

1. Beat Tutorial and Reach Lobby.
2. Clear the first map / receive Gacha Ticket.
3. Use Gacha Ticket. ブースターガチャ
4. Back to Lobby Enter カード and Feed Random Card
5. Now you have +5 Crystals
6. Back to Lobby and Click (!) Icon
7. Scroll Down - Click Bottom Right Icon with Nimue (Pink Hair Girl)
8. Enter a random friend code for remaining +5 Crystals
9. You can use my code (nvm I am full) check comments below.
10. Happy Rolling and Luck! You will want a FIVE STAR.

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link

Join the Kairisei Million Arthur Group Chat @ Rizon.net #Nyansource
Japanese Wiki: http://wiki.famitsu.com/kairi/
Facebook Community: Link
Game Translations: http://kairisei.nyansource.com/

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