Space Fighter

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Space Fighter aka Dark Hunter in Korean is a Mobile MORPG title for the Android and iOS device. I actually installed this game earlier today and tried it out, it's very good in terms of quality. It's pretty much like a mobile version of Dungeon Fighter or Mystic Fighter. Perfect if you want to play this kind of genre on the go, it even offers a PvP and party system. I would recommend installing and trying out the game, even if it is in Korean or Japanese. Registering for the Korean version is very easy. Once you have installed the game, click the first button above. The empty box on the top field is for your email and the two boxes below it is password. Once created, the 2nd button below is the login. I think there might be a problem with @Hotmail accounts so I ended up using a @gmail one instead.

Japanese Version

App Store: Link
Google Play: Link

Korean Version

App Store: Link



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