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Bravely Archive is one of the most popular games currently out this year and it's been getting a lot of rave reviews on both the Google Play and App Store markets. The combat is a little bit different compared to your average tap battle RPG like Brave Frontier. The music and characters should be very familiar to those that have been following the Bravely series.

I've been playing this game for two weeks now and really like it. The game is very giving when it comes down to free crystals from story mode and such. However, the rates are extremely terrible and I have spent a little over 50$ just to see what I would get, it was mostly horrible 3 star units than only evolved to 4 star. Oh well, I am still playing the game despite getting duped by RNG, I swear it's like 95% for 3 star ratio. If you do end up spending some money, just make sure you're prepared for the worst. There are good 3-4 star units that can evolve all the way to 5-6 star which is nice. However, the gacha always gives you the crappy ones. Units also receive special bonuses depending on type, so you better hope you RNG a good stat for your character. The last thing you want is a bonus to melee on a magic type character.

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