Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval

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Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval is a new flick or swipe motion RPG for the smartphone where players can collect and play their favorite characters from the popular Manga or Anime series. Just finished the tutorial, the game seems to lag on my Nexus 7 other than that it's soso. The game reminds me of other Duel! Break School or that one Monster Strike. Nice and clean looking UI though some of the artwork on cards and random images look scaled. Not sure if it's a nice game to play long term, but it should be a decent game to play for time killing. Must try if you're a fan of the Anime since you can play as all of the factions, give you're lucky in the gacha. You can also team them up with investigators for kicks. You get one free roll after the tutorial ends, haven't tried to reroll yet. Doesn't seem like my cup of tea.

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