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Granatha is one of the more higher quality CCG's currently out in Korea and it takes a lot of CCG mechanics from other titles and puts it to use such as the bouncing art features of Unleashed 18+, multiparty system of Qurare, some Valkyrie Crusade stuff, and more. Downloading the game might take awhile due to the high-quality cards and animation so be patient. If you're looking for a new CCG to try, then perhaps you can invest some time into this game.

Updated Review

I've been playing this game for two weeks and it's actually one of the few CCG's that doesn't eat your money. I've gotten a full 5 star team without spending any money at all and you can endless farm in this game because you can use normal currency to buy exploring and battle potions compared to other CCG games where you must use real money to buy potions. At first I thought it was like Qurare with manual game playing, but it's mostly auto. The game is a bit demanding for the device and the download is very long, but worth the wait. I actually recommend playing this game if you're looking for a new CCG to try out.

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