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The long awaited Hortensia Saga from Sega is finally out, I've been waiting for this game to come out for the longest time since I thoroughly enjoyed playing Chain Chronicle. The game features a 3x3 real-time tactical strategic tap battle combat with other side features as large war battles that surely reminds me of the old school Suikoden series. Real-time meaning your enemies aren't going to wait for your turn to end and will constantly attack you! Seems like SEGA put a lot of money into polishing this game as the next generation Chain Chronicle so it is surely going to be good, I would hope. It's a good thing the game offers autoplay, but I'm not sure how well that will work on the long run. Autoplay is always nice for players who are busy with work or playing multiple games at once like me!

Graphics is really nice and clean and the UI doesn't feel cheap or low budget compared to other mobile or tablet titles. It runs very smoothly on my iPad4. Hortensia Saga also offers over 100 vEverything seems so good so far, I just hope the gacha isn't money hungry like other games. I've always hated games that offers SSR with less than 1%. Is it the same for this game!? Time to find out... After reviewing the rates! It's 3% for SSR and 7% for 10 pull fairly good I must say. Perhaps saving for 10 pull is better than going for a straight single pull? Since it's only 10 gem for first 10 pull.

Referral ID: 7GtfZV1v (5 Gem Reward after Clearing Chapter 1)
Feel free to post or use my referral code here or below.

Android Rerolling No Root - Download File Manager (Play Store) > Run > Device > Delete "USER_ID"
Roll Once Free SR or SSR > Do Referral and Complete Chapter 1 > Roll 10 Roll get 1-2 SSR and play or reroll.

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